Few things are more central to our American democracy than the right to freedom of speech. The First Amendment protects speech and expression, including (indeed, especially!) controversial or offensive speech and expression, from censorship or punishment by the government.  

Whether you are a member of the media, a community activist, a high school or college student, or just a citizen trying to make their voice heard, don’t let the government bully you into giving up your free speech rights. I believe passionately in the right to free speech and have more than 15 years of experience advocating for the rights of individuals facing censorship, and I will fight for you.  


  • Attempts to suppress free speech
  • Behavioral and targeted marketing or advertising
  • Commercial speech
  • Libel and slander
  • Invasion of privacy arising by publication of private facts
  • Appropriation of names and likenesses
  • False light
  • Intrusion upon seclusion
  • Communications Decency Act
  • Interception of electronic communications
  • Reporters’ privilege and subpoenas
  • Public meetings laws
  • Adult entertainment
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Political campaigns and protests
  • Pre-publication advice 
  • Lobbying
  • Campaign finance
  • Student press rights
  • Professional advertising
  • Interference to the rights of association
  • Religious or anti-religious discrimination
  • Defamation
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Other information requests and subpoenas 
  • Commercial speech
  • Internet and online advertising
  • Copyright
  • Commercial disputes from these types of issues
  • Aiding newsgathering on legislative and regulatory issues involving these issues