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As counsel with the law firm of Mudrick & Zucker, Samantha will fight for your rights on campus and in court. With extensive experience in free speech, due process, and sexual misconduct cases, Samantha will bring her knowledge, dedication and passion to every client she represents. In addition, Mudrick & Zucker is a full-service law firm that handles legal matters of all kinds, where we understand how the system works and we use our extensive skills, contacts and experience to assure that your legal rights are protected.


Samantha is a nationally recognized expert on Title IX, campus sexual misconduct, free speech, and due process. She is available for expert witness testimony, as well as for consultation services on lawsuits, policies, trainings, and other projects​.


Samantha has extensive experience appearing on television and radio programs, providing continuing legal education, leading and participating on panels, giving presentations, and conducting training programs.

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Produced on April 21, 2020
Taught by Samantha Harris  
Online learning can increase accessibility for students, but it also presents significant challenges. In particular, students, educators, and administrators all struggle to address bullying and harassment when they move outside the traditional classroom. This trend has been developing for many years as students began using online applications, both school-sponsored and otherwise, but with the mass move online during the COVID pandemic, the legal issues surrounding online harassment are about to balloon, and the liabilities for educators could last many years.

This program will provide an overview of the harassment and free speech issues that can arise both in an online learning setting and in online communications among students that take place outside of school-sponsored forums. Presented by Samantha Harris, the program will benefit attorneys who represent students, teachers and faculty, administrators, and educational institutions at both the K-12 level, and at institutions of higher education.

"Presenter did an excellent job, using her materials as back up to her lecture and not simply reading from them as another presenter did. She also had excellent hypotheticals explained how the laws are to be applied. Excellent!" - Anne P.

"Very, very good presentation. An area of law that scares most of us. The presentation importantly points out the vast degree of complexity that cyber-environments are wedging into constitutional law and civil rights litigation considerations. The next client that wants to see me about a relevant case along these lines, I will go back and review this video before interviewing my client." - Craya C.

★★★★★ (over 400 reviews) Produced on November 12, 2018 Taught by Samantha Harris  

"One the best Lawline presentations I have attended. Very informative and an excellent delivery of information." - Larry Wayne C.

"I really learned a lot about Title IX and this was amazing! WOW! I want to watch this again next year to see if the courts have done anything different Thank you!" - Robert C.  

"Ms. Harris was excellent. Wonderful presentation manner, extremely knowledgeable and ahe (sic) provided tremendous materials. Thank you." Joseph J. O.  

Recorded on April 14, 2020
Taught by Samantha Harris and Patricia Hamill  

The abrupt move to distance learning has raised uncertainty about how Title IX cases will proceed in this new environment. In some instances, students were sent home from school while their Title IX cases were still ongoing, raising questions about how, and even whether, those cases would be resolved with everyone off-campus. And Title IX applies in the online learning context as well -- issues of online harassment in the distance-learning environment are already beginning to arise.

This on-demand video will provide an overview of the various issues for attorneys involved in handling both ongoing and new cases in this context.